Wellness Quiz


Lynn Durham’s Self-Health Course: Welcome Wellness

The Objective of this course is to explore methods of enhancing your well being.

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

1.  Recognize a distress warning sign.
2.  Name the components of the relaxation response.
3.  List 3 mind/body/spirit approaches to feeling better.

Test Yourself

Multiple Choice: Please circle the right answer.

1. “The non-specific response of the body to any demand made on it.” is a definition for:

a.       Eustress
b.       Distress
c.       Stress
d.       Wellness

2. The largest number of primary care office visits that have been attributed to stress and lifestyle habits is:

a.       30%
b.       50%
c.       70%
d.       90%

3. Which is not a distress warning sign? 

a.       Trouble thinking clearly
b.       Creativity
c.       Feeling of apathy
d.       Compulsive eating

4. Which is one of the two components of the Relaxation Response. 

a.       Meditation
b.       Guided visualization
c.       A passive return to a repetition
d.       Yoga stretching

5. To feel better you can use all but one of these techniques

a.       Inability to make decisions
b.       Laughter
c.       Mindfulness
d.       Diaphragmatic breathing

6. Herbert Benson, MD recommends you elicit the Relaxation Response for how many minutes a day?

a.       1-2
b.       4-8
c.       10-20
d.       30-40

7. Which would not occur in the Stress Response:

a.       Rapid breathing
b.       Increased heart rate
c.       Good oxygen exchange
d.       Lower immune function

8. This is true about humor:

a.       It decreases interlukin-1
b.       It decreases endorphins
c.       It decreases levels of stress hormones
d.       It decreases immune functioning

True-False Questions: Please write true or false in the space.

9.  ____ Stress should be avoided at all costs.

10. ____ The Relaxation Response yields long term benefits.

11. _____ Indigestion can be a distress warning signal.

12. _____ One of the two components of the relaxation response is guided visualization.

13. _____ If you think you may get indigestion it’s best to take an antacid before eating the foods that bother you.

14. _____ Creative endeavors can relieve distress.

15. _____ Imagination can be used as a distress relieving tool.

16. _____ A technique for eliciting the relaxation response is progressive muscle relaxation.

17. _____ Spirituality is important in health and wellness.

18. _____ Distress warning signs are always physical.

19. _____ What we think does not effect our body.

20. _____ Living in the constant Fight or Fight state boosts productivity in the long run.