Life Asked Me To Dance

Life asked me to dance,
And what did I say?
When I was a child
I said “Yes” right away.

How many times did I fall
When learning to walk?
I didn’t stop trying or
Attempting to talk.

Then as an adult
I said, “No, not now.”
I wanted to do it,
But I didn’t know how.

Others were looking,
I might make a mistake.
That was more of a risk
Than I was willing to take.

Besides, I was busy,
I know what must be done.
I was doing and doing,
Not open to fun.

Life’s lessons and losses
Were great through midyears.
Yet, slowly I opened,
And not without tears.

My soul screamed for attention
To get me to wake.
“You’re immersed in the joy;
What more will it take?”

If dance is within me
It’s got to come out.
“You are the dance,” the
Small voice started to shout.

“You don’t make the music,
That’s not what you do.
Awake to discover –
The music IS you.”

To the small voice within
You need to attune.
So, get up and do it,
If it’s dance to the moon.

I started to see
How much more there could be,
I welcomed my pieces
That were all really me.

“Come dance with me.”
I was invited once more.
Holding Life’s hand
I stepped out on the floor.

I let go and decided
To give it a whirl.
And my journey began
With that very first twirl.

Now that I’m older,
When Life asks for my hand,
I embrace it all fully
For I now understand.

As we move together
In wisdom and grace,
I follow the lead
With a smile on my face.

Does Life ask you to dance?
And what do you say?
“Not just right now,” or
“Later I may.”

“I’ll watch for a while,
Just learn it from here.”
Like tying your shoes,
You must “Do it!” my dear.

Let go of the thinking
Of what others may say.
You live with yourself
To the very last day.

They come and they go
And they may be wrong.
They have no idea of
Your very own song.

Each second Life gives you
Is here to enjoy.
So get out that child again,
The girl or the boy.

Get up and get moving,
Grab hold of the chance.
When Life asks again,