Dancing Gracefully with Life

This album is dedicated to my family – my mother who always liked to dance, my father who moved through life with such grace, my children Brett, Tyler and Joshua, who kept me dancing, and Irene and John Santa who have always been there for me and who made this dance possible.

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“When Life asks again, just GET UP AND DANCE!”
Lynn Durham, RN – Well Being Coach

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Dancing Gracefully with Life

“Your energy is very apparent in the tape, a good energy, a good communication of feeling. I believe you. I think that’s very important: the person you are comes through. Something deep in you touches something deep in your listener. There is much wisdom in your text, much very deep wisdom.”

Edward A. Dixon, Ph.D., retired professor, Illinois

“I love to listen to your tape in the car. It is warm, loving, joyous and also humorous, full of life. Thank you for making it.”

Andy LeCompte, author of Creating Harmonious Relationships, New Hampshire

“WARNING: This tape may be hazardous to any unhappiness you feel in your life. Packed with truth, thought provoking questions, and a voice I can only describe as liquid love flowing gracefully, stretching and relaxing my mind, body, and spirit. This tape reminded me of the power and joy of living in the now with faith and fearlessness!”

Stephen Hunt, New Mexico

“Lynn Durham’s ebullient cassette: Dancing Gracefully With Life is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to release past fear and become more fully present. The music in Lynn’s voice mirrors the rhythmic balance of a wise soul and a blithe spirit. Her insights are grounded in experiential wisdom and thoughtfully applied research. Her cheerfulness is contagious. True to it’s title, Dancing Gracefully With Life is the joyful creation of a head and heart in harmonious celebration. A resilient and resounding affirmation of letting go, finding the flow and embracing life with courage, creativity and connectedness.”

Rob Peck , Founder EDUCARING Staff Development Seminars, Chair, Franklin Foundation For Educational Excellence, Massachusetts

“Thank you for the kind note and the tape, which I’m enjoying so very much. A little grand-daughter story about your tape you might enjoy: My son and daughter in law went out for the evening and left the baby with me. She started to fuss, and I walked with her and put on your tape. As long as I stood in front of the speakers and rocked her, she was calm and quiet, if I started to walk the halls she fussed again…your lovely voice soothed her as it does me as well.”

Mr. Christine Forkner, New York City

“6-4 I just got home and found your email!! BUT… I did listen to your tape on the way home and it is absolutely beautiful! Rahn’s description of “luscious” was right on!! Congratulations! It was an honor to speak on the same platform with you!!
6-5 I keep thinking about your tape and what a celebration of life it really is. It is not preachy or filled with “should’s”, but a glorious and gentle push into treasuring every moment of life.
6-6 – One last gushing compliment and then I’ll stop – Your voice is so melodic, that you can almost imagine that there is music playing throughout the entire tape!”

Kathleen Hassan, TV Host – The Bright Side, Massachusetts

“You gave so much of yourself in that tape Lynn. Thank you for giving so much to the world in your own gentle and gracious way….I share your celebration of the child within all of us. You have the courage to lead the way, we should have the courage to follow. It is such a beautiful dance.”

Rev. Charles Cujoe, MD, MPH, Nigeria, Africa

“I finished listening to your tape program and it is excellent. Your articulation and enthusiasm make for easy listening. The content was personally helpful and right on the mark. It seemed at times you were speaking directly to me. I listened to your poem several times, and I only wish we had time on the television show to have you read it to the audience. It would have given hope and solace to many people.”

Brian Judd, TV Host –The Book Authority, Connecticut