Lynn Durham's Well-being Programs will give you insights and skills.
Programs are customized to meet your needs.

Frazzled to Fantastic - You’re One Thought Away From Feeling Better!
At the Heart of Wellness is Mind/Body/Spirit Alchemy - Life can seem hectic and people/things can seem difficult at times. We may seek for the answers in many places but they are not "out there." Come and gain insights and skills beneficial to your well being. Learn the scientific rationale for staying in touch with your needs, the thought patterns that influence your stress and practice the mind/body/spirit techniques (including the relaxation response and the sense of humor) that work - to stay in balance, increase clarity of decision making and relax and enjoy the moment. Let go, smile, remember wellness; find the peace, love and joy in this journey.

Dancing Gracefully with Life - The dance of life is always moving, it has its own rhythm and timing. This workshop will compare our lives to the dance. The body has wisdom and can show us we can respond gracefully to change, experience and express our spirits through movement and appreciate the unity and our connection with others.

Practice letting go of paralyzing perfectionism, free yourself from adult inhibitors. Seriousness does not increase productivity. Relax and release the joy, it attracts energy, people and ideas.

Holiday Magic - Being Santa Claus for Yourself and Joy to Your World - The holidays are approaching and with it many opportunities to feel reconnected with spirit, family and friends, peace, love and joy.

However, it is an equal opportunity season. Possibilities abound of unfulfilled expectations, painful memories, unaccomplished tasks and anxiety, anger, depression and loneliness. The good news is you get to decide which holiday you will experience by the thoughts and behaviors you choose. You can make the holidays more of what you want and need - the Magic is in you. Come and discover new ideas for being Santa Claus for Yourself. It will bring Joy to Your World.

Releasing the Magic in Children - Through stories, costume changes, props and experiential exercises children learn how to shine.

Anger or Peace? Living Consciously - Have you allowed anger to control you instead of listening to its message or harnessing its power? Learn that you are at choice, why it is important, and what tips and techniques you can use to change your anger habits.

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